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WINTER INTERLUDE - Do you remember your mother telling you when you were little that you’d never meet Mr. Right if you were spending all your time and energy with Mr. Wrong? And what about the book out a few years ago that created such a hoopla with the single crowd – He’s Just Not That Into You? The two main characters in Winter Interlude either didn’t heed their mother's advice or haven't read the book. Now add into the plot that the two in question are enemies... Read More


THE SIN FACTOR - In this intriguing mystery, Jeffrey Sinclair has a thief in his midst. One of his highly sensitive prototypes has gone missing and in his search, he finds himself in the middle of a deadly game, where trust is a luxury he can’t afford. The last person to have the devices has been killed, and now, his only link to the stolen property is the man’s widow... Read More


TIME WILL TELL - Romance and adventure...and a trip to where an American tradition began… Libby Edwards, a gifted horsewoman, unwittingly wishes herself back in time to Louisville, Kentucky just before Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby become a reality. During Libby’s journey in the past, she stumbles upon her destiny. Unfortunately, he’s in the wrong century...Read More

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One agenda is worth killing for to keep hidden.

Third story in the DC BADBOYS SERIES.

When Eric Coleman, the most charming and sexiest of the DC BADBOYS, meets a lady from his past, he's cautious about getting too close to her this time around. Considering his darkest secret, he doesn't see how she'll view him any differently than back in high school - not worthy enough to date.

Single mom, Simone Harris, has a different vantage point after twelve years of going it alone. Guilty of harboring her own secrets, she has her own sense of unworthiness. Eric is definitely worthy of a second chance, especially after he helps keep her daughter safe when a stalker threatens her serenity. Both worry that if their past secrets are revealed their new-found romance will fizzle.

The stalker is determined to keep the past buried and is willing to kill to do so.